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Out-of-Character Information
Name: Helena
Are you over 15?: Yes or no? NO! …I mean yes.
DW username[personal profile] stardust_dreams 
Time Zone: Pacific
AIM: sailorsmash
Tegaki: C. Dratini
Anything Else?: Can't let you brew that, Starbucks!

In-Character Information
Name : Slippy Toad
Game/Series: Star Fox
Age & Teaching Position: 19, Teacher’s Assistant
Living Arrangements: Dorms

Personality: It’s difficult to believe sometimes that Slippy is an adult. He’s more naïve than the rest of Star Fox, easily trusting others and be astonished by new information or odd theories even if it‘s just some person‘s random crackpot idea.
He’s an optimist who looks at the world through a glass half full perspective. He hangs onto the hope that things will get better even when things are at its bleakest. During those few occasions that he’s doubtful of tomorrow’s outcome, Slippy does his best to press on forward with his head up and doing his best to raise his companions spirits up through talking, cheering and just keeping a smile on his face. He takes challenges on with a bright smile on his face, tons of energy and lots of chattering.
Of the Star Fox team, Slippy is perhaps the most emotional one. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. When he’s happy, he laughs. When he’s sad, he cries at the drop of a hat. When angry, he yells and whines in annoyance. When he’s afraid you can expect him to scream and panic like crazy. While not as rude in comparison to maybe Falco, Slippy can come off on the blunt side at times. While he does try to be polite, he can be whiny around people who get on his nerves and can drop a snarky remark when he finds something too stupid.
When trouble comes rolling along, Slippy rarely hesitates to throw himself into the fray. Unfortunately this causes problems. Being a terrible pilot and at least when he first enrolled in the school, a very poor fighter Slippy is often outmatched becoming more trouble than help resulting in him running to his teammates for help. It’s perhaps because of this that he is often considered the “baby” of the team and most likely seen as the rest of Star Fox as the one who needs protection all the time.
Flaws aside, Slippy has come a long way since he started attending Smash Academy. He still sees Fox as the ideal older brother he never had, Falco as a jerk but still a strong and cool person to hang out with and Peppy as an uptight nag but still a wise fatherly figure. That will never change for Slippy but at the same time he’s slightly more distant from them than he used to be, sometimes keeping secrets from his team. He doesn’t hate or distrust them. That isn’t the case at all. He’s just tired of his old role in the team as the helpless child who can’t do anything to protect himself.
While he still admires his teammates as role models, he gets annoyed by any smothering they give him nowadays. Feeling like he was a burden to people in the past, Slippy now tries to fix his own problems by himself than to hide behind Fox and Falco for protection. He has less tolerance for bullying too. While old Slippy would cry and give into his bullies' demands, he now holds his ground. Unless he knows for sure that he’s outmatched, Slippy will talk back and even throw in a punch if the situation demands for it. While still on the gullible side, Slippy is a bit more suspicious to strangers now. He now listens to his gut more often instead of blindly following people around.
While more mature now, Slippy’s kindness will never change. Even if you cross him, Slippy has never been the type to spill blood for the sake of vengeance. He learned long ago that killing someone else doesn’t fix the past and just causes more pain for everyone. Even as a pilot, he rarely kills his enemies, often opting to fire until the enemy ship is no longer functional but the pilot is still alive. He only kills when there’s no other choice.
Forgiveness doesn’t come as easily though. At first, Slippy will keep his distance from anyone he’s had problems with and if what you did was really bad, might even scream or even come after you for a beat down. Afterwards he’ll give you the silent treatment and avoid being near you. Once he cools down however, Slippy will hesitantly approach you once more and if he feels like you’ve changed your ways, befriend you.
He loves his friends dearly and looks out for them. When a friend of his is sad, Slippy is always there to give a friendly ear or shoulder to cry on, heck he might even cry along with you. He’s incredibly loyal, willing to fight alongside you to the bitter end regardless of how high the stakes are or how afraid he may be.

Backstory: Slippy was born on the planet Corneria. From an early age, he showed a vast knowledge in science and engineering much to his father, Beltino’s joy. With Beltino being a director for Space Dynamics LTD, a company that specialized in weapons and machinery for the Cornerian military, Slippy had ample space and materials to cultivate his talents. As Slippy grew so did his skills in building. He often worked alongside Beltino and his colleagues in their projects. The most notable ones being the Blue Marine, a one-man war submarine and the Landmaster, a tank that could hover for short periods of time. For his contributions, Slippy was often labeled a child prodigy.
Not everyone was impressed with Slippy’s achievements though. Ever since he was a tadpole, he had been bullied by his classmates. Being smaller and physically weaker than his peers, Slippy could not do much to defend himself. While Slippy did grow into a smart and kind boy, the bullying along with his parents sheltering him, he was also a clingy wuss. Worried about their son, Beltino and his wife enrolled Slippy in the Cornerian Flight Academy in order to toughen Slippy up or so they hoped.
James McCloud of the Star Fox team sometimes bought wepons and equipment from Beltino’s company, the most important being the Great Fox, a mighty space dreadnaught. Regardless of James’ being a customer of his father, Slippy only heard of James’ son, Fox only in passing. Slippy met him for the first time in the academy. Fox’s strength, excellent flying capabilities, and overall leadership skills made Slippy look up to him from the very beginning. Slippy often followed Fox and Fox’s friend Bill Grey around in a similar fashion as children would tagalong their older siblings.
His relationship with an upperclassman by the name of Falco Lombardi was not as smooth. While Falco was also friends with Fox, Slippy originally wasn’t very fond of him. Falco’s arrogant behavior and teasing ticked Slippy off frequently and caused bickering between the two. Jerkass personality aside, Slippy did look up to Falco a little for his bravery and strength.

Slippy was almost finished with his training with tragedy struck. While investigating some suspicious activity on Venom, the Star Fox had been attacked. One of the members, Pigma Dengar had betrayed the team and according to the only survivor, Peppy Hare, killed James McCloud.
As could be expected, Fox was devastated by his father’s death and Slippy could do nothing more than to comfort his close friend.
After a period of mourning, Fox and Peppy decided to rebuild the Star Fox. While visiting Fox one day, he asked Slippy if he would like to join the new Star Fox team. Slippy wasn’t so sure about joining. While he knew about repairing arwings like nobody’s business, he was mediocre at flying one. He didn’t want to let his friend down though so he joined. After some convincing, Fox was able to get Falco to join as well and the four would form the new incarnation of the Star Fox team.
Not too long after forming the new team, they received a big mission. Andross, a scientist who had been exiled to Venom by Corneria for his dangerous experiments had declared war on the Lylat System. Using deadly bioweapons and amassing a large army during his exile, Andross launched a full frontal attack on the planets. Unable to withstand the power of Andross’ fleet, General Pepper of the Cornerian Military sought the Star Fox team for assistance. The team accepted the job immediately and set out to stop Andross.
Right from the get go Slippy was got into trouble. He managed to somewhat handle himself in the air, even shooting down the Star Wolf member Andrew Oikinnoy on Fortuna(?) but was always getting caught by enemy fire and Fox frequently had to save the poor frog’s carcass. Though embarrassed by having to be saved so much, it didn’t really bother Slippy since he felt that he made up for his failures through his creations the Landmaster and the Blue Marine which helped Fox out on some missions. That is until the team reached Sector X.
In an effort to prove that he could be a useful pilot, Slippy zoomed ahead of the team and right into the weapon guarding the area, a giant R.O.B knockoff armed robot. Slippy foolishly tried to take the robot out himself only for the robot to knock his arwing away and sent it plummeting to the desert planet of Titania. The force of the hit knocked Slippy out and when he came to found his arwing entangled in the tentacles of one of Andross’ bioweapons, the Gora. Slippy tried to escape but the Gora had a firm grip on the frog’s ship. The creature violently thrashed the arwing about whenever Slippy tried to get away. All he could do was attempt to call the rest of the team for help. He called out over and over but his S.O.S signals went unanswered. Minutes passed, then hours with no help in sight.
Slippy curled up in his seat and sobbed. He was going to die, wasn’t he? He was going to die on this barren planet and never see his family and friends again.
When it seemed like it was the end for him, Slippy’s hope picked up when he heard Fox calling him through the communication system. Overjoyed, Slippy answered Fox’s calls. Soon Fox, Falco and Peppy arrived to rescue him. After that predicament, Slippy received a scolding from his teammates for his reckless behavior but were nonetheless happy to see he was alive.
After that close shave the team continued on their mission, defeating the Star Wolf team once more on Bolse and ultimately reaching Venom. Before the four entered Andross’ base, Fox order Slippy and the others to go back so he could face Andross himself. Slippy didn’t want to abandon his leader but obediently stayed back along with Falco and Peppy.
The three could do nothing but wait and hope for their leader’s return. After what seemed an eternity, an arwing shot out from the exploding remains of Andross’ base. Fox made it! He stopped Andross!
Together once more, the four returned to a glorious welcome in Corneria and a big fat paycheck.

Under the happiness though, Slippy realized something. Throughout the entire war he had gotten into nothing but trouble and had to of been bailed every single time by his friends. Worse, his recklessness had almost gotten him and the others killed back on Titania. He was nothing more than a burden to his team. It was at that point, Slippy vowed that he would get stronger and be a more useful teammate. But how would he do that?
The solution came roughly a year later. One day while sifting through his mail, Slippy found a pamphlet advertising a fighting school called Smash Academy. A fighting school! That would toughen him up. With less mercenary work coming in, Slippy enrolled.
Life at Smash Academy was pretty great. Sure it had it’s problems like curses that turned you into a child or babbling SF 64 lines weird lines, as well as mass brainwashings caused by flower sprouts. That and of course he missed his teammates back in the Lylat System.
Regardless, he liked being at this school. He made several friends and had his little adventures. Cruises, trips to the store on a tank, playing video games, good times. He learned about Earthling customs, technology, etiquette and by the hard way, sexual relationships. And although unnoticed by even Slippy at first, he slowly grew more stronger and mature. By growing “stronger,” it wasn‘t physical strength. While he did become somewhat of a more capable fighter, he became more stronger in spirit. Being apart from the rest of the team taught Slippy to be more self-reliant and stand up for himself more often. He even slowly drifted away from his crybaby ways.
It was here he would meet Wolf O’Donnell and Leon Powlaski of Star Wolf once more. Being less familiar with the two than Fox and Falco were and never really seeing their faces when the two teams traded fire, Slippy did not recognize either of them. Because of this, the three of them ended up getting along with each other and Slippy even looked up to them a bit. Even when he did figure it out, Slippy felt that it was not worth raising trouble over since they were not causing any problems.
Things were going quite smoothly until September when Slippy received a call from his mother.
An unknown assailant had set up a bomb at a convention Space Dynamics had held. Thankfully Beltino and everyone else attending the event survived the blast unscathed but the event left Slippy shaking. People at the school sent Slippy and his father their well wishes, including Leon. How nice of Leon, wasn’t it?

Time passed on uneventfully until February hit and the Aparoid War began. Slippy joined the air fleet Wolf rounded up to defend the school.
Near the end of the war they encountered a group of aparoids impersonating the original Star Fox team attacked. It was the aparoid of Pigma who revealed to Slippy the awful truth of the past. Pigma who had always been blamed as James McCloud’s murderer, was not the real killer. James’ real killer was this whole time was Wolf O’Donnell.
Stunned, Slippy begged Wolf to tell him that what the fake Pigma said wasn’t true but Wolf was to busy going into a mental breakdown from guilt. It took everyone’s self control to hold on and defeat the Star Fox clones.
During the fight, Leon had been shot down and sent to the infirmary. Not even willing to look Wolf in the face, Slippy went to Leon to see if he could straighten this whole mess out. When Slippy arrived, Leon was not around. Laying on Leon’s bed was a file containing classified documents. Curiosity got the better of Slippy and he leafed through them only to drop them in horror. The assailant who almost killed Slippy’s father had been Leon.
Already upset over the revelation of Wolf’s past, the little trust he had remain for the Star Wolf members fell to zero. Upset of the betrayal, Slippy broke down on the ground. Leon approached Slippy and asked him what was wrong. Slippy quickly pointed his blaster at the lizard and demanded to know what was going on. Leon told him he had no idea what was going on. It soon dawned on Slippy that Leon had was telling the truth. The impact of the crash wiped away Leon’s memories. While he was still bitter with rage, Slippy knew that there was no use in killing him. Slippy dropped his blaster and told Leon to leave him alone. Soon afterwards Leon disappeared.
As for Wolf, Slippy kept his distance from him afterwards. He despised Wolf for killing James but at the same time unable to forget the kindness he showed him. Slippy never told the rest of Star Fox the truth of James’ murder or that Wolf was at Smash Academy.
The Aparoids were defeated and the school year ended. Spring came once more and Slippy began his senior year. As this year drew to a close, Slippy faced a hard decision.
As much as he wanted to return to the Star Fox team, a part of Slippy refused to leave and abandon the new friends he made.
Luckily for him that problem would resolve itself. Fox and later Falco would end up following Slippy’s example and enrolled at Smash Academy. Slippy was ecstatic by the news.
Since the two were going to stick around for a while, Slippy felt that he might as well get a job at the school to keep himself occupied here. Plus there was still a lot to learn of Earth and the other planets’ science and technology so he applied as a teaching assistant.
As happy as he is of having his fellow teammates, this also presents problems for Slippy. He still hasn’t told anyone the truth about what happened during the Aparoid War, only recently telling Falco a small condensed version leaving out James’ murder and Beltino’s attempted murder. And with Wolf still around, Slippy isn’t sure how long he can keep his mouth shut.

Anything Else?:

-He’ll mostly be assisting in Science department

- He sucks at aerial combat but can kick your ass with the Landmaster

- This app was heavily derived from Nikki’s, Joe’s, Raye’s and Cammi’s apps along with my own head canon. I will recon anything if necessary.

- He still has a girly voice.


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