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Name:Slippy Toad
Birthdate:Mar 1
Slippy Toad

Game/Series: Star Fox
Age: 21
Birthday: March 1
Occupation: Teacher's Assistant/College Student
Relationship Status: Single, Not Interested
Hobbies/Clubs: Video Games, Inventing, Exploding Things
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andrew oikonney, andross, arwing, baseball caps, blue marine, dinkin around, do a barrel roll!, falco lombardi, fox mccloud, inventing, krystal, landmaster, leon powalski, machines, n.u.s, nintendo, panther caruso, peppy hare, prince tricky, r.o.b, science, spaceships, star fox, star fox 64, star fox adventures, star fox assault, star fox command, super smash bros., wolf o'donnell
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